Tile Shower Installation

We are committed to the highest standards for every tile shower installation at Mint Construction. Our design team prioritizes functionality and style. That way, we can make each shower a luxurious experience. But, a tile shower is both a great investment and a great risk in any home. That’s because heavy use and a wet environment leave no room for error in waterproofing materials or workmanship. We are serious about using superior materials and master craftsmanship on all of our tile shower installs.

Superior Waterproofing Materials

Although some areas of building science remain the same. Shower waterproofing has improved greatly over the last couple decades. Therefore, we take advantage of warranty backed materials from companies like Schluter and Wedi. Certainly, shower waterproofing is not the area to skimp with generic materials or inferior products. Mint Construction backs up all of our workmanship and we support manufacturers who do the same. Our commitment to better materials and knowledgeable installers is unwavering. That’s because we expect your tile shower to last for decades with no issues.

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High End Tile Work

After we waterproof your shower, it’s ready for the tile installation. You will see each detail of the tile install for years to come. Therefore, this is a master tile installer’s time to shine. Correctly installed tile is beautiful and extremely durable. Unfortunately, tile installs can be less than great. Technical errors can set poorly bonded tiles up to fail prematurely. Alternatively, poorly cut tiles can be an eyesore that stick around for years. That’s why we put the necessary time into every tile shower install. Our experienced tile installers put painstaking detail into tile work. They know their craftsmanship will be on display for years.

Tile Shower Replacement

Most of the tile showers we install are focal pieces in a bathroom remodel project. However, we also get requests for shower installs only. There are 3 reasons we typically get requests for tile shower replacement:

  1. You want to enhance a bathroom you’re already happy with. Sometimes the rest of the bathroom is in good shape and you just want to add a cosy tile shower to enjoy.
  2. Your shower needs have changed. We commonly see this with folks who are aging in place. Tile showers give some unique opportunities for accessibility such as a barrier free (or curbless) entry. They can also be designed in ways to help with slip resistance and make cleaning easier.
  3. Your existing tile shower was not properly waterproofed during installation. Unfortunately, we get regular calls about this issue. The waterproofing of a shower is beneath the tile. It’s possible for an inferior to installer to make the surface look nice but cut corners in the underlayment that come back to bite you. The problem is not often an active water leak, those would get noticed quickly. It’s typically slow leaks of moisture that create rot of the framing members around the shower. These leaks are often worse because they can go undetected for years and cause larger issues.

Creativity Abounds

We appreciate that tile showers give unique design and functionality options. It’s not surprising, prefabricated showers are a much cheaper option. However, you are limited to the sizes and styles manufacturers create for the masses. But, the beauty of a tile shower is that it can be as unique as the people who own them. Our design team is happy to think outside the box to design your shower.

Our project gallery is loaded with neat tile looks and patterns from our projects. Take a look at some of the work we have done recently. Then, use the inspiration to plan a professional tile installation of your own!

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