Professional Tile Floor Installation

At Mint Construction, we are committed to high quality, professional tile floor installation. On our larger remodel projects we emphasize quality, communication, and friendly service. We give the same care to even the simplest flooring installation projects. It’s important that the quality of the install never be compromised. The Mint team takes that drive for quality work and combines it with strong communication. Our clients appreciate the added communication and friendly service from people who are working in their home.

Unique Tile Options

Our craftsmen are experienced with handling every type of tile installation. Whether it’s porcelain or ceramic, mosaic or large format, we have the know-how to provide an impressive install. We often provide unique flooring installs and will happily accommodate your creative design. While designs like herringbone or chevron will require additional labor and materials, the look is often worth it. Our team has even done installs with unique tile materials such as clay and cement. Check out this neat tile install that we did with cement tile from Riad Tile.

Tile Design Help When You Need It

For those who aren’t as confident on the design side, let our in-house designer make suggestions based on your desires. We can schedule a guided look around the flooring showroom to make recommendations. Our designer can even provide 3D computer renders of your tile choice if you’re having trouble visualizing.

Technical Expertise You Can Trust

A tile install can easily go wrong with an inferior installer or poor materials. Those who have seen a bad install elsewhere know to look for a qualified tile professional. There are a few concerns that are often raised before setting up a tile installation.

Say “No” To Tile Lippage

First, will the tiles be installed flat without edges sticking up? Our installers have trained eyes to prevent tile lippage. We take the necessary precautions to level the substrate before the first tile is even laid. If the floor underneath is uneven then there is no hope for a flat tile install. Certain tiles with rectified (squared) edges need extra attention to prevent lippage. In those cases, we use a special tile leveling system such as the Raimondi tile leveling system.

Built To Last

Second, will the tiles crack over time? We always use a proper tile underlayment to ensure that our tile installs will last indefinitely. Properly installed, quality tiles will not crack under normal circumstances. Installing tile directly on a subfloor such as a concrete basement slab is risky. If the concrete cracks, so will the tile. That’s why, even on a concrete floor we use an appropriate underlayment such as Schluter Ditra. We trust the Ditra membrane to isolate the tile from normal cracks that may occur in the concrete underneath.

Grout Stains Are A Thing Of The Past

Third, will the grout stain easily or be hard to clean? Stained grout was definitely a concern of the past before higher quality products existed. Now, we have grouts with built in stain blocker such as Mapei Ultracolor. Still, some homeowners and lesser installers choose to save a buck by purchasing cheap grout. A good quality grout that resists stains and cleans easily barely costs any more than cheaper, inferior options. Additionally, the value you get out of a quality grout over its lifetime is well worth it! Don’t spend years scrubbing and sealing grout when you could have just used a better product from the start.

Our Process

We simplify your life through a streamlined process designed to keep projects on time and budget. Here’s how planning works

  • Vision

    Contact us by phone, email, or through our website. We’ll discuss the vision you have for your project to determine if we’re a good fit!

  • Plan

    We can schedule a meeting at your home or a virtual meeting to discuss your project and take measurements. Our team will discuss your expectations and needs.

  • Budget

    We’ll put together an estimate for your project based on our planning session.

  • Commitment

    Easily sign your electronic proposal and get your project scheduled!

  • Build

    When your scheduled dates arrive we will get your project on budget and on time.

Tile Ideas and Inspiration

Our project gallery is loaded with neat tile looks and patterns from our projects. Take a look at some of the work we have done recently. Use the inspiration to plan a professional tile installation of your own!

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