Excellent Hardwood Floor Installation

At Mint Construction, we are committed to high quality hardwood floor installation. On our larger remodel projects we emphasize quality, communication and, friendly service. We give the same care to even the simplest flooring installation projects. It’s important that the quality of the install never be compromised. The Mint team takes that drive for quality work and combines it with strong communication. Our clients appreciate the added communication and friendly service from people who are working in their home.

Peace Of Mind

Hardwood floor installation is not as simple as other types of flooring can be. Hardwoods require intentional acclimation and should be measured with a moisture meter prior to install. We plan our installations to last. So, we take these preparations seriously before the first board is even installed. Proper acclimation will ensure that the hardwoods don’t shrink or expand too much after installation. Unfortunately, amateur installers don’t always take these measures into consideration. As a result, you could end up wasting perfectly good materials if they are installed improperly. Trust our professionals to give you the peace of mind you expect for a flooring investment.

Usable From Day One

The average hardwood floor install will take a few days, depending on the amount being installed. However, once installed they are immediately ready to use. That’s one benefit that prefinished hardwoods can have over some other flooring options. Not only are they usable from day one, prefinished hardwoods are typically 3/4″. That means, decades after the install they could be sanded and refinished for even more use!

A Huge Variety Of Styles

We recognize that 3/4″ prefinished hardwoods are not what everyone is looking for. Natural wood has some limitations to it. For example, engineered hardwoods are stable with greater width planks than natural wood. New wide plank engineered floors provide a neat look that has been very popular. Engineered hardwoods also tend to have a greater variety of styles to them such as hand scraped or distressed looks.

Super Durable

We get asked a lot about safe flooring options for pets. The family pets have hard nails that can wreak havoc on certain types of flooring. However, quality prefinished hardwoods, engineered hardwoods, and bamboo flooring have excellent hardness ratings to them. The natural hardness of these products along with multiple layers of clear finish installed at the factor make them ideal in a house with pets.

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